Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is Precisely the Time You Should be Buying Gold and Silver

Gold Price Close Today : 813.70
Gold Price Close Yesterday: 826.00
Change: -12.30 or -1.5%

Silver Price Close Today : 14.474
Silver Price Close Yesterday: 14.817
Change: -34.3 cents or -2.3%

US Dollar Index Today: 75.12
US Dollar Index Yesterday: 74.80
Change: 0.33 or 0.4%

Ahhh, yesterday I should have thought more about where Silver and Gold Prices were, for 'twas the top of an A-B-C correction, with yet one leg down. Truly, I don't think it will make that much difference whether you buy Silver yesterday, today, or 50 cents lower. We're in a Gold and Silver bull market, & that rising tide will raise your boat, too.

Anyway, I'm not convinced that this last leg down in Gold and Silver will even meet previous lows, much less exceed them. This is precisely the time you ought to be buying -- the last interlude forever below 1500 and 825.

Stocks jumped nearly 200 points today, but the damage has already been done, the Dow Theory primary sell signal has flashed, & it can't be taken back. "Primary sell signal" means "bear market has started." You still have time to swap stocks for silver & gold. Better do it.

A reader wrote me yesterday about a mutual fund he had that had returned 40% in the last 4 years. In the same period gold is up 2.08 times (up 108%) & silver up 2.77 times (up 177%). The contrast will only grow sharper in the next 10 years.

US DOLLAR rose today above 75, up 35 beeps. We ought always to be looking for a turnaround in the Dollar Index because the whole cosmos is so universally bearish on the dollar that a big contrary rally is bound to come, with tough short-term consequences for metals. "Twill be over soon, but could cause passing trouble.

Argentum et aurum comparenda sunt -- -- Gold and silver must be bought.

- Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

"Buy Silver and Gold Coins at the Best Prices"

To avoid confusion, please remember that the comments above have a very short time horizon. Always invest with the primary trend. Gold's primary trend is up, targeting at least $1,250.00; silver's primary is up targeting 16:1 gold/silver ratio or $78.13; stocks' primary trend is down, targeting Dow under 2,900 and worth only one ounce of gold; US$ or US$-denominated assets, primary trend down; real estate in a bubble, primary trend way down.