Saturday, May 02, 2015

Gold Price Closed Down 70 cents or 0.1 Percent for the Week

Looky there! Battle didn't turn out exactly as you'd expect, viewing it from the perspective of dodging bullets.

Silver through a week of wo & joy, gained. Gold was flat, unless you pay attention to 70 cents. Gold/ silver ratio fell, and the white metals walked up a little. Some stock indices made new highs by tiny margins, the jubilatin' was loud, then they gave it all back & closed the week lower. 10 year Treasury note closed the MONTH lower. Mmmmmm.

The selling pressure (from whenever it came) today landed solely on gold. Gold lost $7.90 (0.67%) to $1,174.50 but silver gave up only 1-3/10 cent to 1611.1c.

Looking closer at the day, the sellers attacked about 9:45, but could only drive gold down to $1,168.40. Considering they drove gold below the last low ($1,174.10), that's actually not bad performance. On the longer term chart I see another explanation, namely, that gold at $1,168.40 nearly hit the 3-standard deviation Bollinger Band ($1,167). That's roughly like saying that the chance of gold going lower -- we're talking nothing but inhuman, random statistics here, ignoring for a moment that we all know that markets are driven by goal-seeking humans -- is roughly the same as your chance of walking outside and being crushed under a falling Holstein cow out of a clear blue sky. So statistically gold ought to turn up from here). Next week ought to see gold bounce back, even if it doesn't intend to rally. Monthly gold chart is equivocal, weekly chart tight-lipped. No clues to a coming rally there.

Silver's day unrolled otherwise. Sellers hit it at 9:45, but couldn't drive it below 1590c. Then silver bowed its back and jumped up again, ending the day close to unchanged. Not too bad.

If there are no downside breakdowns on silver's monthly & weekly charts, there are no upside breakouts, either. No information there.

Gold/US Dollar Index dropped today but remains broken out to the upside. Bowl formations in silver & gold still stand with unbroken bowls.

Only the gold/silver ratio is really behaving well & clearly, besides those indicators last mentioned. It closed Comex today at 72.901, and has fallen again beneath the 20 & 50 DMAs.

Markets are always willing and ready to make a fool, even out of somebody who's already a nat'ral born durned fool from Tennessee. After two failed upside breakouts and a week of piddlin' fiddlin', stocks broke down sharply through their 20 & 50 day moving averages yesterday. I offered the chart to y'all as a classic example of a failed breakout followed by a breakdown. Durned if the NGM or somebody didn't turn it right smack round on me today, closing em back above the 20 & 50 DMAs. Here are the Dow & S&P charts

Be advised that markets often reverse a breakdown with a touchback to the breakdown point, a sort of final kiss good-bye. Monday will tell us with higher or lower prices.

The Dow won back 183.54 today of the 195.01 points it lost yesterday, rising 1.03% to 18,024.06. Interesting it didn't close above that 18,034 we've been watching. S&P500 regained 22.78 against the 21.34 it lost yesterday, rising 1.09% to 2,108.29.

'Pears the market proverb, "Sell in May and go away" will be fulfilled this year.

Strong stocks today against weak gold sent the Dow in Gold back up to the top gator jaw. [Clench!] That's the sound of me grittin' my teeth. Levitated 1.80% to close at G$317.31 gold dollars (15.35 troy ounces). Dow in silver rose above its 20 & 50 DMAs (right next to each other), but nowhere near the top gator jaw. Ended at S$1,444.31 silver dollars (1,117.08 troy ounces). Dow in gold is here,, Dow in silver is here,

Surprising the experts and almost panicking some, the 10 year Treasury note ended the month LOWER. Since bond prices fall when yields rise, that means the yield (interest rate) rose. A market-driven interest rate rising on its own without the Fed's permission is the Janet Yellen's worst nightmare, mixed with chronic indigestion and athlete's foot.

US Dollar index is broken. Only question left is, how broken? Will it fall plumb out of bed to the earth's core, or will it turn up around here?

Today it gained 57 basis points or 0.6% to close 95.28, roughly reversing yesterday's trading. However, it has been dropping for 7 days, so a little dead cat bounce here amazes no one. Bu, look, it fell beneath the uptrending channel's lower boundary, & stayed outside today.

Critical here is 95.5, where the channel line will be on Monday. Above that is 96.50 support. Dollar has left behind all its fair weather friends.

Euro backed off today, a tiny 0.4%, to $1.1215. Broke out this week in what appears to be a rally. Faces resistance at $1.1140 & $1.2200. Yen dropped 0.57% to 83.26, below its 20 & 50 DMAs & vibrating uselessly.

Y'all enjoy your weekend.

Aurum et argentum comparenda sunt -- -- Gold and silver must be bought.

- Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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