Monday, February 25, 2013

Can the Gold Price Close Over $1,605? If it Doesn't the Falling Hasn't Ended

Gold Price Close Today : 1586.20
Change : 13.80 or 0.88%

Silver Price Close Today : 28.987
Change : 0.527 or 1.85%

Gold Silver Ratio Today : 54.721
Change : -0.528 or -0.96%

Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.01827
Change : 0.000175 or 0.97%

Platinum Price Close Today : 1619.60
Change : 13.30 or 0.83%

Palladium Price Close Today : 749.05
Change : 13.75 or 1.87%

S&P 500 : 1,487.85
Change : -27.75 or -1.83%

Dow In GOLD$ : $179.64
Change : $ 7.50 or 4.36%

Dow in GOLD oz : 8.690
Change : 0.363 or 4.36%

Dow in SILVER oz : 475.53
Change : -16.41 or -3.34%

Dow Industrial : 13,784.17
Change : -216.40 or -1.55%

US Dollar Index : 81.75
Change : 0.281 or 0.34%

The GOLD PRICE made progress today in climbing above the lower channel line that has held it in since last November. This is positive, but not dispositive. Gold's first task is to climb over $1,605. From there I expect it to march very quickly toward $1,640. If it doesn't, then the falling hasn't ended.

The SILVER PRICE bounced up off its lower channel line, but up above the 200 day moving average is at 3064c. Not coincidentally, resistance/support lurks about the same spot. Silver needs to clear 3050c, then 3100c quickly.

Yes, it's too soon to say for sure, but with the trouble in stocks and the euro today, it appears that silver and gold have found their feet. But be on guard: they need to confirm.

I picked up one of our phones today and it was so hot it nearly burned my hand. LOADS of folks have been waiting for just such an occasion as this to buy silver and gold. I confess, I bought some myself today. Not all I intend to buy, but some.

I reckon if you live by politics, you'll die by politics, too. Pears all the optimists are now all terrified that "sequestration" (which last week they couldn't spell) will cut off the tide of gummint money, and strangle the whole economy. Over in Europe the Establishment technocrat Monti (as in "3-Card") didn't win, so the euro went down in flames since nobody knows whether Italy's even gonna open up tomorrow, let alone have an economy.

As the rats left the euro-boat they jumped ship to the yen. Rats, as y'all probably know, ain't got a lick of sense. The euro fell 1.02% to $1.3058, breaking the uptrend sure enough. No more doubt on that account. The Yen jumped up like an old lady winning the lottery. It rose 1.73% to 108.95c/Y100. Us Dollar index hardly moved, up from Friday's trading about this time by about 28 basis points or 0.3%.

All those optimist rats that had climbed aboard the SS Stockmarket came flying off today, too. Dow lost a choking 216.4 points or 1.55% and closed waaaay down there below 13,850 support at 13,784.17. S&P500 looked worse, down 1.83% (27.75 point) at 1,487.85.

That's not the worst. The Dow made a new high for the move today at 14,081.58, but then closed much lower for the day: first half of a key reversal. A lower close tomorrow (assuming the Nice Government Men can't manipulate it higher, and they ain't God, after all) puts a fatal nail in stocks' coffin.

Hush, I'm not through. I've been telling y'all about those Jaws of Death broadening top pattern forming since the Dow broke out of that rising wedge back in January. Today it ran plumb up to the top of that megaphone, then sliced down through the 20 DMA (13,947.783) and closed BELOW that megaphone's bottom side.

Shucks, when you're the gummint and you can just dummy up enough money to do about anything, including buying stock futures to raise the market and print loads of new money, you can jerk markets around right smart. Your trouble is, as I said, you ain't God, so sooner or later you'll flatten your face up against reality.

Be quiet, I'm not through YET. I opened up the Dow in Gold and Dow in Silver charts, and looky there! That close last Wednesday WAS an island reversal, or some kind of reversal, I reckon. That Dow in gold sank from 8.864 oz on Friday to 8.66 oz today, down 4.36%. Dow in silver plunged from 491 to 475.50, 3.34%.

Don't anybody chortle too loudly or smugly just yet, but those stocks are in trouble.

Silver gained 52.7 cents (+1.85%) today to close Comex at 2898.7 cents. Gold added $13.80 (+0.88%) to close $1,586.20. This is good, this is welcome, this is promising, but it ain't cleared the woods by no means.

By the way, I've heard more drivel lately about the so called "Death Cross" of gold's 50 Day Moving Average dropping below its 200 DMA than I heard since Obama ran for president the first time, so I'm gonna hawk that bone out of my throat first. Since 2000, gold has made the so-called death cross five (5) times. In 2000, it lost 4.5% from May to November, but that was BEFORE the bull market began. In 2004, it crossed in June and stayed under till 10 August, with a disastrous fall from a high of $384.50 at the cross to a low of $383.60 at the low (yes, a 90 cent loss). In 2006 the October death cross (they need a new name for that thing) took gold from $593 on the 20th to its low on the 21st at $579.70, a 2.2% drop. Only near-about bad result was in 2008, when gold fell 12.2% from the September cross to its November low at $704.50, losing 12.25. And remember that was amidships of a 200-year financial panic. Average death cross loss has been 4%. Let's worry about something else now.

Meanwhile market sentiment has grown so negative on silver and gold that a rebound, whether the final turnaround or not, is virtually assured. No pendulum swings the same direction forever, unless the clock is clean broke.

On this black day, 25 February 1862, Abraham Lincoln, not content to pursue an aggressive war of destruction against the South and the Constitution, signed the First Legal Tender Act authorizing the issuance of United States notes ("Greenbacks") as a legal tender. Not only did he fight a war to destroy the Constitution, he financed it with unconstitutional fiat money.

Argentum et aurum comparenda sunt -- -- Gold and silver must be bought.

- Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger
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