Thursday, June 06, 2013

Confirmed Silver and Gold Prices Are Gaining Against Stocks

Gold Price Close Today : 1415.70
Change : 17.30 or 1.24%

Silver Price Close Today : 22.701
Change : 0.236 or 1.05%

Gold Silver Ratio Today : 62.363
Change : 0.115 or 0.18%

Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.01604
Change : -0.000030 or -0.18%

Platinum Price Close Today : 1528.10
Change : 18.70 or 1.24%

Palladium Price Close Today : 760.75
Change : 6.45 or 0.86%

S&P 500 : 1,622.56
Change : 13.66 or 0.85%

Dow In GOLD$ : $219.62
Change : $ (1.53) or -0.69%

Dow in GOLD oz : 10.624
Change : -0.074 or -0.69%

Dow in SILVER oz : 662.55
Change : -3.40 or -0.51%

Dow Industrial : 15,040.62
Change : 80.03 or 0.53%

US Dollar Index : 81.545
Change : -1.028 or -1.24%

Confirmed, confirmed! Trend change, silver and GOLD PRICES have begun gaining value against stocks.

GOLD PRICES pole-vaulted $17.30 to $1,415.70 (up 1.24%) while silver jumped 1.05% (23.6 cents) to 2270.1c. Digest, however: the gold price still did not clear it's $1,415 resistance.

My information is contradictory. I saw gold today trading above $1,420, but others say the high was only $1,416.45 Either way, it was pounding on the gate of that $1,415 resistance. Gold began the day about where it closed yesterday, $1,399.50, then advanced steadily.

The more times markets attack a line of support or resistance, the more likely they are to break through. Gold has now bumped on $1,415 four times. It's uptrend from the 20 May low at $1,336.30 remains intact. It stands above its 20 DMA. If it eats its Wheaties tomorrow, it ought to make a run for $1,450.

In spite of a 23.6c rise today, the SILVER PRICE remains trapped between 2300c and 2200c. GOLD/SILVER RATIO at 62.363 remains in the high end of the range, emphasizing that silver is lagging.

Silver is tussling with its 20 DMA (2272c), trying to punch through. In its favour? It stands above and outside the downtrend line from the April highs, along with gold prices. Still waiting for silver to break down the wall at 2330c. With an ailing dollar, tomorrow might be the day.


I reckon today just wasn't the US dollar Index's day. Fell a gargantuan 102.8 basis points (-1.24%) to 81.545. I reckon that 82.50 level was even more rickety than I suspected. Dollar index stepped through a trap door there. Below its 20 and 50 day moving averages, having crashed through its rising trend line, having broken internal support about 82, the buck's next target is the 200 DMA at 81.07.

Just cogitating I began to wonder whether Ben and his central banking criminal co-conspirators around the world weren't worrying that the US stock and bond markets would suck up all the money in the world, so the buck needed to be buckled. Naw, their minds don't work that way.

Today's dollar drop proved more than the Yen could stand. It shot up past the 50 DMA and rose 2.08% to 81.545. Probably a lot of hot money that was long dollars and short yen panicked out of their yen shorts. Rising yen has creamed the Nikkei stock index, which has cascaded from its May 15,942.6 high to close 12,904 today, down 19%in 11 trading days. Yeah, buddy! That inflation-induced stock market rally really has some staying power! US stock buyers, take note.

Euro shot up 1.15% to $1.3246. I thought it would reach $1.3200, I just didn't expect it to do that in a single day. Mercy! This is some volatility in currencies, and wide volatility isn't easy on any market's nerves.

Stocks bounced a little today, and that was logical. They struck their 50 DMAs (14,924 and 1605.35) and bottom channel line, and the salivating bystanders just couldn't stand it, they had to buy. Dow escalated a discreet 80.08 (0.53%) to 15,040.62. S&P500 swelled 13.66 (0.85%) to 1,622.56.

From here in the next two or three days the S&P500 might rally to 1,640 and the Dow to 15,200 before they hit their downtrend line and resume plunging. More pain will come before more joy.

Dow in gold lost 0.7% today to close at G$219.62 gold dollars (10.624 oz). Now it's well below its 20 DMA (10.86) AND crossed below the long term (from 2001). You can see that long term downtrend of the Dow in Gold at

Dow in silver fell 0.5% (3.4 oz) to 662.55 oz. That takes it well below the 670.55 oz 20 DMA, but not below the long term downtrend line.

"Hello? Hello? Nice Government Men? Are y'all listening? I'm really sorry I said all those mean things about y'all. Hello?" Must have dropped the call.

Came out today that your secret US government has been tracking all the phone numbers called by everybody with a Verizon phone -- for the last seven (7) years. Well, they did it for the "chirren" and against the "turrists." Anything for the chirren and against the turrists can't be all bad.

What? Shreds the constitution? Naw. It's still there, safe and sound in the National Archives.

Earlier in the week the Supremes ruled that police can force anyone arrested to give a DNA sample. Some folks were worried about that violating the 4th amendment against unreasonable searches, but I was thinking about the 5th Amendment, where you can't be forced to be a witness against yourself. But then, they can already force you to give fingerprints, and if that ain't testimony against yourself, I'm a crested cockatoo.

Welcome to the Total Police State! Y'all be sweet to the Nice Government Men. And stay off your cell phones.

On 7 June 1813 the U.S. invasion of Canada was halted at Stony Creek, Ontario. What? The US invaded Canada? For what? For heaven's sake, Anne of Green Gables is from Canada. This has got to stop. Next thing you know, the US will be occupying Nova Scotia and listening to all THEIR phone calls.

Argentum et aurum comparenda sunt -- -- Gold and silver must be bought.

- Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger
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