Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Gold Price Closed Up $4.90 at $1,236.10

Gold Price Close Today : 1236.10
Change : 4.90 or 0.40%

Silver Price Close Today : 20.014
Change : 0.222 or 1.12%

Gold Silver Ratio Today : 61.762
Change : -0.445 or -0.72%

Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.01619
Change : 0.000116 or 0.72%

Platinum Price Close Today : 1342.20
Change : -1.50 or -0.11%

Palladium Price Close Today : 698.40
Change : -1.25 or -0.18%

S&P 500 : 1,810.65
Change : 29.65 or 1.66%

Dow In GOLD$ : $270.38
Change : $ 3.84 or 1.44%

Dow in GOLD oz : 13.080
Change : 0.186 or 1.44%

Dow in SILVER oz : 807.83
Change : 5.73 or 0.71%

Dow Industrial : 16,167.97
Change : 292.71 or 1.84%

US Dollar Index : 80.550
Change : 0.330 or 0.41%

Comex closes before the FOMC vomits out its decision, so the GOLD PRICE closed up $4.90 at $1,236.10 while silver gained 22.2 cents to close at 2001.4.

Then the FOMC news hit, and the gold price dropped 1.7% to a low at $1,215.20. The SILVER PRICE lost 58.4 cents (2.9%) to a low at 1942c. Both climbed after that, the GOLD PRICE back to $1,220.90 and silver to 1976c. Like the dollar rising, this makes no sense.

How is this positive? News that took stocks way up to new highs didn't drive silver and gold to new lows, and they bounced a little after their lows. They act sold out, that is, their woe is not attracting new sellers.

But it's too soon to say. Let's see what they do tomorrow. It would be a good sign if they held on above today's lows, and a sign of lower prices if they break those marks.

Wait patiently. A low is near.

FOMC, the great and mighty, hath spoken!

Ahh, me. They said they would taper -- well, sort of. They will reduce long term Treasury bond purchases from $45 billion a month to $40 billion a month, and Mortgage Backed Securities purchases from $40 bn/mo. to $35 bn/mo. That's a total $10 billion reduction from the current $85 bn monthly rate.

Y'all are saying now that I ought to eat crow because I said they wouldn't taper but they did. I say, y'all can eat your own crow, because this is no substantial action, only cosmetic. Lo, I shall explain.

Say you had a REALLY obese friend who got up to 700 lb. by eating 6,000 calories a day. Now say he calls you up and tells you he is changing his lifestyle and reducing his daily calories to 5,294. You would deduce he is not serious about trimming his waistline, right?

The Fed's $10 bn/mo. reduction amounts to the same drop, 11.76%. Instead of creating $1.02 trillion a year, they will be creating only $900 billion a year. Wait, wait! Don't I remember that in September 2008 when the Fed cranked up the money creation machine that the Fed's entire balance sheet was only $939 billion, and it had taken 95 years to get there? And now, after adding $3 trillion in new money, they are going to "taper" by adding "only" $900 billion a year.

Aww, shucks! That sure sounds like a solution to me, like buying another case of bourbon is a solution for an alcoholic with the shakes.

But trembling Wall Street was relieved to find the Fed would keep on pumping out new money plus promised to keep interest rates low, which they cannot do without continuing to buy bonds. Dow leapt 292.71 (1.84%) to a new high at 16,167.97. Nor was the S&P500 far behind, adding 29.654 (1.66%) to a new high at 1,810.65.

Shucks, the millennium has arrived, and the Fed is planning to teach fried chickens to fly so they can just fly right into our mouths. Won't even have the trouble of picking up a drumstick.

I will now plainly tell you what the Fed is doing: they are ruining the American economy. They climbed on that tiger of pumping out money to bail out the banks' balance sheets (y'all know, the banks that are Too Big to Fail run by bankers who are Too Big to Jail), keep Wall Street rising, and suppress interest rates. They can probably do this for quite a while, but at some time it will explode all over the Fed, the dollar, and America. They are destroying the economy pimping for the banks. A time for jubilation? Nay, a time to weep and grieve.

Dow jumped enough to make a new CLOSING but not a new intraday high, and closed at the top of its range. S&P500 made a new closing but not a new intraday high. From here it must climb or die. 'Twould be very weak if it stops here and vacillates. Seasonally it should rally into year end in any event.

On an end of day basis the Dow in Gold made a new high today at 13.28 oz (G$274.52 gold dollars). Oddly enough, the Dow in Silver did not make a new high, but closed above its 20 DMA. Ended at 820.08 oz, up 2.95%.

On the announcement that the Federal Reserve would further and surely depreciate the US dollar, the US dollar index -- rose 33 basis points (0.41%) to 80.55. Sure. Right. That makes sense to me. Oh, yeah. This came after a low at 79.50.

To the US dollar index's rise the euro fell like a piano off the third story, down 0.62% to $1.3684. Japanese yen crumpled 1.56%, falling to 95.92 cents per Y100, by far a new low for the move and way below the May low at 96.41c.

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