Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Gold Price Rose $26.50 Today to $1,248.20

Gold Price Close Today : 1,248.20
Change : 26.50 or 2.17%

Silver Price Close Today : 19.77
Change : 0.76 or 4.01%

Gold Silver Ratio Today : 63.123
Change : -1.14 or -1.77%

Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.0158
Change : 0.0003 or 1.81%

Platinum Price Close Today : 1,375.10
Change : 20.20 or 1.49%

Palladium Price Close Today : 728.60
Change : 14.55 or 2.04%

S&P 500 : 1,792.81
Change : -2.34 or -0.13%

Dow In GOLD$ : 263.16
Change : $ -6.13 or -2.28%

Dow in GOLD oz : 12.73
Change : -0.30 or -2.28%

Dow in SILVER oz : 803.57
Change : -33.56 or -4.01%

Dow Industrial : 15,889.77
Change : -24.85 or -0.16%

US Dollar Index : 80.62
Change : 0.02 or 0.02%

I overlooked a little detail yesterday & got stung for it -- Yesterday end of day GOLD PRICE showed the first half of a key reversal. Aww, I thought, it fell sixty cents on the Comex. Besides, silver showed no such gumption, so it probably won't amount to a hill of beans.

Wrong. The GOLD PRICE rose $26.50 today to $1,248.20. Let us, however, hold on to our chapeaux. Gold must close above $1,252 to confirm this is anything more than a corrective bounce. Then a rally needs to be confirmed by a close over $1,295.

There's more good news, but only hints & whispers. Rate of Change has turned up. MACD is rolling up. Volume surged today, confirming the rising price. But none of these have crossed that red line yet, just as gold hasn't yet confirmed with a close over $1,252.

Ohh, but I'm itching all over.

The SILVER PRICE added 76.3 cents to close Comex at 1977.4c. Yet here, too, for all the zest it remained below the needful level, 2005c.

Wait, wait -- look at that! Silver posted the first half of a key reversal. Traded to a new low at 1889c then ended the day higher -- much higher -- at 1977.4c.

Oh, yes -- a close higher tomorrow would confirm gold's key reversal (confirmed today).

More: Markets rarely behave exactly as everyone expects, & the more that expect a certain thing, the less likely it is. Even gold & silver's friends seem to think they must yet make lower lows. Well, maybe, but maybe the waterfall on Monday was THE low. Tomorrow will tell that tale.

It's really instructive to read media reports about stocks. Anyone not biased toward stocks would look at the chart and say, "Whoa! A correction has begun! After all, it has (1) a key reversal, confirmed three days, & (2) a close below the 20 day moving average (15,917.84)." Instead the media reports that stock traders are "baffled" by the employment reports. Another case where you can just ignore the news and listen to the chart.

The Dow lost 24.85 (0.16%) today to perch finally at 15,889.77. S&P500 lost 2.34 (0.13%) to end at $1,792.81, not quite below the 20 DMA (1,788.36).

At the end of the day, just like at the end of a football game, it doesn't matter how much you came back from your loss at halftime, it matters only what the final scoreboard said. Dow's low came today at 15,791 & S&P500's at 1,779. Even though they climbed back to nearly unchanged, both still closed lower.

The Dow in Gold & Dow in Silver added depth to the story. Dow in Gold was off sharply, from a 13.138 ounce (G$271.59 gold dollar) high two days ago to 12.79 oz today (basis end of day). Dow in silver dropped 3% today to 807.61 oz, down from the high at 836.19 oz on Monday.

All this looks very promising, but we must see some milestone crossed for confirmation. MACD is rolling over but hasn't yet crossed, Rate of Change has turned down, RSI is moving off overbought, but still I need some further confirmation.

The HUI gold stock index appeared to have broken down last week, i.e., below its June low. This comes after an apparent double bottom with June in October. If it could climb above resistance about 210 again, it would encourage gold.

US dollar index punched its enemies in the eye today, but did nothing to prove its intention. Rose a mighty 1.6 basis points, which you can almost see with an electron microscope. Days range was a bit narrower than the last two days, but couldn't through the 20 DMA (81.87). Meanwhile, the MACD is calling for lower prices.

After a wide ranging day when it tested the 50 and 62 day moving averages, the Euro closed up 0.02%, essential unchanged at $1,3594. Looks as if it intends to move up more than down, but stalled here at $1.3600. A break through that mark would send it jumping higher.

Yen made good yesterday's threat to rally by climbing another 0.08% to 97.70 cents/Y100. Still nothing to excite anyone here.

Yield on the 10 year Treasury note today rose 2.38% to 2.841%, gapped up actually, although traded in a very narrow range. It stands now right at the last little peak, so if it rises much more it will aim for 2.984%, the last high. Bond rates easing upward must make Ben Bernanke sweat bullets and Janet Yellen grow a mustache.

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