Monday, August 18, 2014

The Gold Price Gave Up $6.80 on the Comex Closing at $1.297.70

18-Aug-14PriceChange% Change
Gold Price, $/oz1,297.70-6.80-0.52%
Silver Price, $/oz19.600.110.56%
Gold/Silver Ratio66.209-0.723-1.08%
Silver/Gold Ratio0.01510.00021.09%
Platinum Price1,443.20-15.00-1.03%
Palladium Price895.400.400.04%
S&P 5001,971.7416.680.85%
Dow in GOLD $s268.234.181.58%
Dow in GOLD oz12.980.201.58%
Dow in SILVER oz859.124.170.49%
US Dollar Index81.620.160.20%
3 Day Gold Price Chart
30 Day Gold Price Chart
3 Day Silver Price Chart
30 Day Silver Price Chart
The GOLD PRICE gave up $6.80 on Comex to close at $1.297.70 while silver gainsaid that move with an 11 cent rise to 1960c.

Gold nearly negated Friday's V or spike bottom, but not quite. Friday's low was $1,293 but today's was $1,296.50. That sure rubs the sparkle off Friday, though.

The GOLD PRICE has support about $1,295. It closed today below its 20 & 50 day moving averages, but above that $1,295 support. Worst is, it closed below the downtrend line form October 2012, the line gold has been struggling to conquer. Friday and today have tugged the RSI below 50%, but the MACD remains barely pointing upward. Gold just has to begin moving up soon.

The SILVER PRICE is just contrary. Gold drops, silver rises. It remains above the downtrend form the August 2013 high, and that is excellent. Unfortunately, that exhausts silver's excellent news. It's below all its moving averages, rose on lower volume, and has other indicators that look like five miles of bad road.

Still, still, it's the time of the year for both metals to turn up, and all the positives of the June 2013 - December 2013 bottoms and better performance in 2014 remain. I am biting my nails and am as long as I can stand.

David Stockman today said that today's mindless rally ignited over speculations that Janet Yellum, speaking at the Jackson Hole gathering of Our Masters, would sound "dovish," i.e., promise more inflation and zero interest rates across the horizon of eternity.

Stockman is probably right since nothing in the world happened over the weekend to make the Dow worth 175.83 (1.06%) more than it was worth on Friday, or close at 16,838.74 today. S&P trailed right along with a 16.68 rise (0.85%) to 1,971.74.

In an arresting example of journalist non-neutrality and incompetent writing, a Reuters report headlined "Wall St. Jump Takes Stock Index to 14-year peak on Fading Ukraine Worries." Sounds like the whole stock market is just exploding upward, don't it? I had to read the article three times to figure out which index he was talking about, since it sure ain't the Dow or S&P500 or Nasdaq or Russell 2000, etc. Turns out he meant the Nasdaq 100, which closed at its highest level since March 2000, when it began its long tumble.

I scratched my head and went back to check the Dow & S&P500 charts. Dow reached today its 50 DMA (16,847) and 61.8% correction level (of the waterfall plunge that began in July). S&P500 has climbed above its 50 & 20 DMAs and better the 61.8% level. May be I'm wrong and there's not another leg down on this correction. Maybe the push toward the final top has begun. Either way, I wouldn't buy a market riding on Janet Yellum & the printing presses at the Fed. They're liable to suffer power failure at any time.

Today's' Dow in Precious Metals results do highlight the divergence of silver from gold. Dow in gold rests in a clear downtrending channel form the June high. Today it only hit the 38.2% correction of that fall so far, and the top line of the downward channel. This all presages lower prices. Dow in Gold rose 1.61% today to 12.97 oz (G$268.11 gold dollars). It does stand above its 20 DMA (12.84) and 50 DMA (12.92).

Silver's always more volatile than gold, so it earns a little fudge in interpretation. It rose 0.93% today to 860.22 oz (S$1,112.20 silver dollars), just above the 6.18% correction of the fall from First June to early July. Remember that fall in mid-June took the Dow in Silver through the bottom boundary of a rising wedge, usually a sign of much lower prices. I can't work out any way in my mind that the DiS would rise much further, but there ain't much room in my mind anyhow.

US dollar index rose 16 basis points (0.2%) to 81.62, accomplishing no more than to wipe out and mirror-image Friday's downmove. Euro dropped 0.27% to $1.3360, and is fixin' to drop more. Japanese yen lost 0.2% to 97.50.

It's always fun to share good news with y'all, considering we get a choking lot of bad news in this world, so here goes: I took Susan to her heart doctor in Nashville today and the pacemaker technician and Susan's doctor gave her an A++ report from her pacemaker reprogramming in May.

I could have told 'em that though. Susan's been doing so well I asked her doctor is she could dial her back a few notches. She's got so much energy that if she spies me, she spits out three errands and before I can wheel to do those she spits out three more.

If she gets any more energy, it's gonna put me under the sod. I'll be picking turnips from a step ladder.

Now I remember, too, how kindly y'all have responded to my prayer requests for Susan, and I deeply appreciate it.

Aurum et argentum comparenda sunt -- -- Gold and silver must be bought.

- Franklin Sanders, The Moneychanger

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