Monday, August 11, 2014

The Gold Price Lost 40 Cents Closing at $1,308.50

11-Aug-14PriceChange% Change
Gold Price, $/oz1,308.50-0.40-0.03%
Silver Price, $/oz20.060.160.79%
Gold/Silver Ratio65.229-0.538-0.82%
Silver/Gold Ratio0.01530.00010.82%
Platinum Price1,472.60-8.70-0.59%
Palladium Price875.2014.201.65%
S&P 5001,936.925.330.28%
Dow in GOLD $s261.770.330.13%
Dow in GOLD oz12.660.020.13%
Dow in SILVER oz826.02-5.75-0.69%
US Dollar Index81.510.060.07%
3 Day Gold Price Chart
30 Day Gold Price Chart
3 Day Silver Price Chart
30 Day Silver Price Chart

Silver and GOLD PRICES argued today, and couldn't agree. Silver finally broke through 2000c and jumped 15.8 cents (0.8%) to 2006c on Comex. The gold price backed off 40 cents to $1,308.50. This is the world's most miserable market: sideways. No progress.

The GOLD PRICE butted its head against that downtrend line form October 2012, but couldn't batter its way through. Think that's weak? Well, remember that uptrend from December 2013 has not been broken, and despite two attempts $1,281 held. And gold stands above its 200, 50, and 20 dmas, all aligned in that upward looking order. Gold needs to jump over $1,320 to break out of these August doldrums.

The SILVER PRICE keeps on sliding along the downtrend line from the August 2013 high. So far the 1975c low has held, but silver is below its moving averages and is presently the sick sister of the precious metals. Indicators have not yet turned up.

Be calm, be patient. Higher prices are coming in August.

Today was a pretty slow day, as one of the top headlines read, "Fort Smith (Arkansas) Receives Nearly $5 Million Grant." Clearly, the yankee government is still at work subsidizing the airlines and airport construction companies, so y'all can wipe that worried look off your faces. The business-government partnership ("fascism") is alive and well in America.

Stocks likely made a short term (1-2 week) bottom last week but have another leg down coming. Dow today rose 16.05 (0.1%) to 16,569.98. S&P500 climbed 5.33 (0.28%) to 1,936.92. Dow could rally to 16,740, but the decline is not yet complete.

Dow in gold added 0.1% to 12.64 oz (G$261.29 gold dollars). DiG has clearly defined and confirmed that its upward correction has ended by closing below its last low and its 200 DMA. Friday it nearly fell through the critical uptrend from August 2011, today at 12.42 oz (G$256.75).

Dow in silver is lagging its big brother, winding up in a triangle that ought to break downward. Today it moved 0.8% lower to 824.58 oz (S$1,066.12 silver dollars). Short term uptrend line today stands at 820 oz (S$1,060.20).

Be patient. The Dow in Gold and Dow in Silver are rolling over. Time to begin swapping stocks for silver and gold.

US dollar index crept up 6 basis points to 81.51. Currencies are doing nothing, as the US dollar Index is stuck oscillating around that 80.50 line that ought to have marked a breakout, but didn't. Stuck: can't move up, can't move down, but more dollar rally lies ahead.

Euro flaked another 0.17% to $1.3383, still gravely ill. Yen gave up pretensions to health today, closing down 0.15% at 97.86 and below its 200 DMA. May be preparing another BIG fall.

My friend Daniel Freemon has made an amazing recovery. They took him off the Ventilator on Saturday and Sunday moved him to an ICU Step Down room. He is talking and his mind has returned. I thank y'all most heartily for your prayers.

On 11 August 1860 America's first successful silver mill began operating in Virginia City, Nevada.


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