Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Gold Price Reached $1,291.90 Today, Falling Back to Close Comex at $1,283.80

26-Aug-14PriceChange% Change
Gold Price, $/oz1,283.806.500.51%
Silver Price, $/oz19.390.030.14%
Gold/Silver Ratio66.2230.2400.36%
Silver/Gold Ratio0.0151-0.0001-0.36%
Platinum Price1,421.601.200.08%
Palladium Price888.70-1.05-0.12%
S&P 5002,
Dow in GOLD $s275.45-0.92-0.33%
Dow in GOLD oz13.33-0.04-0.33%
Dow in SILVER oz882.430.260.03%
US Dollar Index82.690.110.13%

3 Day Gold Price Chart
30 Day Gold Price Chart
3 Day Silver Price Chart
30 Day Silver Price Chart
I seldom use a cell phone, but I am prone to peak at the gold price early in the morning. I was pleased today, as it was already higher. The GOLD PRICE reached $1,291.90 today, but fell back during the day to close Comex at $1,283.80, up $6.50. In fact gold tried twice to break through $1,290, once about 3:00 a.m. Eastern time, and again about 9:30.

This reminds me of George Washington. He was a terrible tactician and general, but he had one quality that made him victorious: he wouldn't quit. No matter how many times he was beaten, no matter how much congress quarreled and quibbled and backbit, no matter how hopeless the Americans' outlook appeared, he never quit.

In a significantly lesser matter, gold reminds me today of Washington. It's coming back. It's hammering at the ceiling, then hammering again. It's climbed back above its 200 day moving average after bouncing off that uptrend line from the December low.

Tomorrow above the GOLD PRICE lurks the downtrend line form the October 2012 high about $1,297.50. That is gold's first step to breaking free.

The SILVER PRICE performance today was unlike gold's. It climbed to a high about 9:30 a.m. Eastern time, then broke and slid back to 1940c. It closed Comex up 2.8 cents (0.14%) at 1938.6. Yesterday it fell 2.8 cents. What is this, a game?

Just above silver is its 20 DMA at 1982c. It needs to cross that first, but the first formidable hurdle is 2000c, and the 200 DMA now about the same spot, namely, 2010c. This is better than silver has looked for more than a month.

The headlines screamed that the S&P500 closed above 2000, and that's true -- by 0.02, because it rose 0.11% or 2.10 to close at 2,000.2, a new high close and a new intraday high, also (2005.04).

Dow (barely) made a new intraday high at 17,153.80 over 17 July's 17,151.56. Dow rose 29.83 (0.17%) to close at 17,106.70 , not a new high close.

That brings the S&P500 close to the 2,020 top of its upper range line. Both indices have posted double tops, but that says nothing unless followed by a significant decline. Indicators are stretched out to the upside. It's a mania, so nearly impossible to predict.

Dow in gold dropped today, 0.46% to 13.31 oz (G$275.14 gold dollar). Dow in silver rose 0.89% to 884.12 oz (S$1,143.10 silver dollars). Somewhere soon we should see double tops and turns in both these indicators. What's the answer for anxiousness? Simply to watch patiently.

US Dollar Index, sucking tick on the world's economic jugular vein, rose another 11 basis points (0.13%) today to 82.69, only six basis points off my 82.75 target. Can it rise higher? Certainly, but it is now in the fifth leg up of this advance, which argues for a soon end to upwardness. RSI is more overbought than Facebook. 'Twill break soon, or my name isn't Barack Obama.

Euro continues to fall, another 0.16% today to $1.3171. It has left two gaps behind and reached the target implied by the little narrow triangle it broke down from, and it is more oversold than government promises to care for you in old age. Ought to turn up soon, unless of course the Europeans do something else stupid like sanctions on Russia or their own brand of Quantitative Easing -- which is an ever present possibility.

Yen closed flat today at 96.12 but traded higher during the day. In other words, it bounced off the bottom boundary of its 9 month trading range. Tells us nothing yet, since it would pause here anyway even if it planed to punch through and drop to the bottom of the Pacific.

I don't talk about it much but I watch the 10 year Treasury note yield every day. It plunged through important support line early in August, but has since made a double bottom -- on spikes, no less -- and may turn around if it can close through its 20 DMA, now 2.436%. Closed today at 2.391%.


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